In honor of Blues Month (June, 2016), the City of Aurora, Aurora Downtown, the Cultural Creatives, Inc. and the Fox Valley Music Foundation hosted a call for poems with a Blues theme. This project was open to any local writer who currently resides in the Fox Valley region.  Poems were displayed in a variety of commercial windows in downtown Aurora, and at kiosks located on the Aurora FoxWalk and at the two transportation centers (Route 59 and Route 25).  We plan to reprise this project in 2017.  For information, contact Karen at 630-421-2528 or

Here are the winners:

I am tha Blues

I got tha Blues …
I got dem ol’ Kozmic Blues … again …
I got tha Muddy Mississippi Waters Blues … oh, yah …
I got dat Howlin’ Wolfin’ Blues … dat Lil’ Red Rooster of a Blues … dat Spoonful of Blues …
I got dem Crossroad Blues … dem dealin’ with the Devil Blues … my soul for dat guitar playin’ Blues …
I got John The Revelator Son House Blues … Highway 49 Blues … I ain’t lyin’ … Mississippi Blues …
I got dem Sonny Boy Blues, Sugar Mama …
I got dem Lightnin’ in a bottle Blues … Hopkins soul … Texas Flood …
I got da Candy Man Blues … Reverend Gary D. Blues, “Mister Jim” …
I got dem Washboard Blues … dem damn Sam Blues … him a Prowling Groundhog  …
I’m a Razor Cuttin’ Man …
I’m a Back Door Man …
I’m a Voo Doo Man …
I’m a son of a preacher man …
I’m a Hoochie Coochie Man …
I’m Boogie Chillun’ and Chitlin’ too …
I’m a Mannish Boy … a King Bee … a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son …
I was Born Under a Bad Sign … on The Parchman Farm … beneath a full moon for sure …
I got dem Blues …
I got dat Chevy to the Levee … he’s so heavy … Blues …
I am tha Blues.


  • Blind Willie Peg-Legged One-Arm Muddy Mississippi Jefferson Davis, Jr.

Blue Kangaroo

Today I sit in the Blue Kangaroo

laundromat and think of you.

I watch your favorite blue shirt —

now mine — go round and

round inside the indifferent dryer.

The shirt is chambray frayed

indigo soft  wearing thin.

What will I do if it falls apart

one day, maybe here at the

Blue Kangaroo?  Will I fall to pieces

like I’ve been waiting to do?

  • Tricia Marcella Cimera


I Get It

I get it because my heart has been broken

the bending blue notes

the crying guitar

the blood on the floor

rhythm that twists me

tramps on me

wakens me

deep in the night

memories that won’t quit

pain that persists


The sweetness and light

transformed in the dark

music as medicine

coursing through veins

body and soul

not healed but relieved


Just for one fleeting moment

just for this:  now

  • Karen Fullett-Christensen


I Love Me

Going on a journey to where I wanna be

All because I never gave up and I love me

Passion to succeed, a desire to go higher

Gonna sit back and watch it all transpire

My mind is clear, my heart is healed

Because I love me all my dreams will be revealed

Keeping my head up along the way

Praying, and praying for that better day

I once was blind but now I see

For God has shined his light down on me

Keep pushing no matter how hard it can be

I’m going where I’m going because I love me

Never let no one in life tell you nothing you will ever be

Open your heart, grab your soul and listen to me

Pushed around, left behind, all on my own

Releasing the hurt and the pain as I write you this poem

I was told don’t be afraid, let go of the fear

Hold your head up be strong your time is here

I’m going to succeed and be who I wanna be

Because I never gave up, I stayed strong and I love me

  • Latrina Childs


Restless Blues

Restless and rollin’ into town
Those blues slid under the back door.
No one was home to see ’em, but
That night at the supper table
A ruckus erupted that kept ’em up
Way past midnight.
Words flung among other stuff
Til Old Man Blues turned down the amp
And played a slow one
In time with the makin’ up.
Just before the clock radio went off
Those Low Down Blues danced out the front door
Pickin’ up a full parade —
Snare drums backin’ rhythm guitars
Mouth harps hittin’ the high notes
And risin’ above ’em all
That deep voice full of livin’
As the Restless Blues trailed off to enthrall eternity.

  • Paula Garrett


The Bluebird

The bluebird sings a song of woe

For everyone to ever know

The pain of being put down low

Where no one ought to be


A song born where the cotton grows

Nurtured where muddy waters flow

Moving where the people go

To find a place that’s free


The bluebird sings so many songs

To address the world’s many wrongs

Music helps to keep us strong

To face adversity

  • Frank Patterson