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The vision of the Fox Valley Music Foundation is to preserve, promote and protect music with ties to the Fox Valley and to educate.

Just as a small group of blues enthusiasts uncovered the history of the Leland Tower recordings that date back to the 1930’s which became the inspiration of Blues on the Fox, the Foundation has begun to embark on an archaeological and anthropological journey of sorts through the musty and filmy archives of Fox Valley history with the goal of uncovering and preserving more of that history that time might otherwise forget. As part of the mission, we will bring snippets of those discoveries to this blog.

Who knows what other things, like Blues on the Fox, will be inspired by those discoveries.

The Foundation is not just looking back in time; the Foundation is tied into the vibrant and growing music scene in the Fox Valley that is waiting to be promoted and discovered as living history. We will use the blog to sound out interesting bits about that local music scene. There are many talented artists in the area that many people have never heard of. We will shine the light on them and the musical undertones in the area.

Check back often and like the Foundation Facebook page to stay on top of the latest information, and share the wealth with your friends.

  1. Steve Warrenfeltz

    Chord On Blues of St. Charles, Illinois, first opened for business close to around the same time my store, Kiss The Sky, opened it’s doors in Batavia … which was in December of 1996.

    Over the course of roughly 10 years, I must have seen more than a 100 shows at Chord On Blues. Koko Taylor, Dickie Betts, John Mayall, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, Lurie Bell, Tab Benoit, Savoy Brown, Johnny A … the list could go on and on and on. I was a huge fan of COB, to say the least. It felt like home to me.

    Our good friend, Steve Chapman, who now resides in Florida and was a Fox Valley native, and for all intents and purposes, WAS Chord On Blues, turned the valley on to some of the finest blues, in existence, known to mankind … and residing on this planet! We owe a great amount of debt to Steve for presenting us with the opportunity to experience over 10 years of some really mighty fine live music … some of the best performances this valley as ever witnessed. So thank you Steve!

    Recently, I discovered a “new” old live Albert King recording on compact disc. Apparently, the recording took place in St. Charles at a place called the Purple Carriage sometime in 1974. In trying to find out more about this club, I found out, from Mr. Chapman via Facebook, that the Purple Carriage and Chord On Blues shared the same address!!! I thought to myself … “How ironic and appropriate and karmic”.

    So if any of you out there have some memories of the Purple Carriage, and/or Chord On Blues, and the artists that performed there, I would love to hear about it … you can post your memory right here! I’m really interested in reading about those memories.

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