Although we work hard at what we do, music and the arts are fun … we obtain a tremendous amount of pleasure from doing what we do. Whether it’s talking to large groups of people at music seminars that we conduct, or it’s putting on a festival or painting the town blue. We enjoy sharing our love of music with others!


The following are some things that we’ve created and are providing for your enjoyment as well. It’s nothing big nor earth shattering, it’s just for fun. We hope you enjoy …


Member’s Mix Tape
(a compilation that we put together to entertain)

Holiday Music
(a collection of classic, local and obscure tunes to get you in the mood)

Riff Comparison
The Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock & Roll! Lots of rock riffs were derived from Blues songs both near and far. Here’s a sample of some classic rock songs which are steeped in riffs “borrowed” from the Blues. We’ll add more as time goes on to keep it interesting and to spur debate.