Every now and then, the Foundation will solicit suggestions from its members for the creation of an online FVMF MixTape that can be listened to and enjoyed by all when browsing the foundation’s website. As was generally the practice when mixtapes were the thing to do in sharing your love of music with friends and loved ones, before the invasion of the digital world, a “theme” was often employed in the making of that tape … yes, tape, as in a cassette.

As time goes on and we have accumulated a history of mixtapes, we will archive that information here on the website for future use and enjoyment.

So, in order to get the ball rolling, the foundation is putting out there, the foundation’s very first mixtape with the theme being “The Very First 7″ Single that you can remember having purchased or received as a gift”.  This is not that compilation however. The following is a mix of music created by some mighty fine local artists that were either released, are going to be released, or may never be released, and have been sitting in a vault waiting for a moment such as this. Hope that you enjoy the music.


  1. Piece Of The Sun Dave Ramont 3:41
  2. Mule Blues Bill "Jazz" Gillum
  3. Charlotte Ave. Jeremy Keen And The False Starts 5:24
  4. My Mind Got Bad Yank Rachell
  5. Bucket's Got A Hole In It Chicago Farmer 2:25
  6. Crazy Dream Noah Gabriel 3:05
  7. Poisoned Again (and again) Joe and Jamee 3:46
  8. Texas Tommy Robbie Fulks 3:53
  9. Thunder Road Noah Gabriel 5:09

“Piece of the Sun” by Dave Ramont
originally released on Dave’s 2000 release “Scrawny”. This version appeared on the first Made In Aurora album released in 2011 and kick starts the album.

“Mule Blues” by Bill “Jazz” Gillum
One of over 300 songs recorded in 1937 and 1938 at the Leland Hotel in Aurora, Illinois as part of a Bluebird Records blues recordings project that took place in the Leland’s Sky Club.

“Charlotte Ave.” by Jeremy Keen & The False Starts
This track appeared on the first Made In Aurora album. This song embodies all that is great about the music born out of the Fox River Valley area of Illinois.

“My Mind Got Bad” by Yank Rachell
recorded in 1938 at the Leland Hotel in Aurora, Illinois.

“Bucket’s Got A Hole In It” by Chicago Farmer
recorded in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois as part of a tribute to the original Bluebird-Leland Hotel recordings of 1937 and 1938 that took place in Aurora, Illinois. This is a third take and is presented in a raw mix and has not been mastered. The tribute project is being produced by Scott Tipping and will be released on Waterloo Sunset Records sooner than later.

“Crazy Dream” by Noah Gabriel
This track appeared on the first Made In Aurora album released in 2011.

“Poisoned Again” by Joe and Jamee
A recording submitted by Joe and Jamee for a Waterloo Sunset Records local artist compilation entitled “Good Shit Vol.1” that was given away to folks that attended Kiss The Sky’s Black Friday event in 2013. This song did not make the compilation but their track “Knotted Pine” did.

“Texas Tommy” by Robbie Fulks
Originally written by John Lee Curtis “Sonny Boy” Williamson and recorded in 1937 in Aurora, Illinois. The version presented here is a remake and tribute to the original and was recorded in Chicago in 2014. The track is in a raw mix state and has not been mastered for release as of yet. Robbie originally thought that his take was unworthy for inclusion in the tribute project and apologized. Scott and recording engineer John Abbey worked on the mix a little bit and discovered that the track is actually a wonderful gem … Sony Boy would be proud, we are sure.

“Thunder Road” by Noah Gabriel
Written by Bruce Springsteen and appearing on his breakthrough album Born To Run. This version was recorded by Noah and submitted to Waterloo Sunset Records for a follow up to the Good Shit Vol.1 compilation. Unfortunately, the follow up did not materialize, but will hopefully see the light of day some time soon.