As Muddy Waters so succinctly proclaimed, “The Blues had a baby and they named the baby Rock and Roll.”

Since the birth of Rock and Roll, Blues has been a part of it’s DNA throughout the 60 plus years that it’s been around. Invariably, young musicians often turn to the Blues when learning their instrument and craft. It’s been that way since the beginning of the Rock and Roll timetable. And, once those young musicians have “graduated” from the garage and are giggin’ in VFW Halls or perhaps even bars, you can bet that a Blues song or two or three has become a part of their set list.

Here, we present to you evidence of the connection and respect that Rock and Roll has with, and for, the Blues. Contained within this page are some notable examples … both well known and otherwise under the radar. Enjoy. Let us know some that comes to your mind and note that on our blog.