In line with the Foundation’s mission to preserve, protect, and promote the music of the Fox Valley region, while providing music education to people of all ages and from all walks of life, we have set off on a journey of discovery to research and archive our musical history.

Along the way we intend to develop lectures, curricula, symposia in multiple formats (digital and print) for the edification and enlightenment of ourselves and the general public. We will examine a multiplicity of musical genres, including (but not necessarily limited to) roots, pop, country, blues, jazz, folk, gospel, Latin, doo wop, rock (classic, metal, punk, psychedelic), soul, funk, hip hop, salsa, rap, and classical. We will be reaching back at least to the 1830s, when this region was first settled by immigrants from the Old World and the Americas – but with the right researchers, we might be able to go back even further in time.

In our research, we hope to connect with faith communities, cultural and ethnic organizations, historical societies, newspaper publishers and archivists, venues, educators, performers, libraries, and radio and television stations.

A big undertaking, yes – but we plan to take our time and enjoy the journey. Those who join us on our quest will have the opportunity to follow their own passions and interests, to authenticate rumors and intuition, and to explore new territory.

Researchers are currently collecting “Backstage Backstories” on topics as diverse as the Leland/Bluebird Recording Sessions;  speakeasies and nightclubs; coffeehouses; choral groups; Blues artists; and impresarios/producers.

Interviews with Fox Valley area “music people” will be an integral part of our research efforts. Those interviews will be documented on video, preserved, and accessible from website.  Once the Foundation has a physical home, we will archive research materials in an on-site library.

Please contact Karen Christensen, or 630-421-2528, to join our hardy corps, or for more information about our History project..